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Character Profile - Sophie Castor

Updated: Nov 12, 2022


Sophie Castor is a teenager from The Red Kingdom. Inspired by her father, she is currently training in Agate City to become a guardian of the land.

Her father; Cade was a high-ranking guardian that kept the city safe from witch invasions.

When Sophie was young, Cade saved her from an encounter with a witch, ever since then, she has become fascinated with becoming a guardian.

For 10 years, Cade has been on a secret mission, Sophie hasn't been able to meet him since then. Once she graduates and becomes a fully fledged guardian, she wishes to join her father on his mission and finally reunite with him.

Sophie Castor

Age: 16

Height: 148 cm

Blood Type: O

Favourite Food: Pancakes

Magic Ability: Dextromancy

Dextromancy allows the user to transform sugar into pure magical energy which can be used to enhance the user's speed & strength.

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